Our essential brand components

This section of the guidelines is a practical demonstration of the visual language which surrounds the York St John University brand. Whether you are wanting to apply the branding in digital or print form these principles will inform the representation of the branding.


Our primary colours are black or white. This clean and simple palette keeps our brand understated and allows us to apply colour from the subject matter.

Primary palette - black

Primary palette - white

To accompany our primary colour palette we also have a range of supporting colours which can be used to enhance our designs.

These colours have been selected from the York St John University crest.

We’ve split these colours into two palettes to make it easier for you to select the right colour for your communications.

The main thing to remember is to only use one colour to support the primary palette of black and white.

Supporting colour palettes

Supporting colour palette set one

Future set - red

Future set - orange

Future set - yellow

Future set - green

Future set - blue

Supporting colour palette set one

This is our tertiary colour palette. These are to be used on more formal design pieces, such as Vice Chancellor’s publications, letters and official documents for example.

These colours should only be used as backgrounds/accents to avoid legibility issues and preserve clarity.

Heritage set - stone

Heritage set - grey