Our essential brand components

This section of the guidelines is a practical demonstration of the visual language which surrounds the York St John University brand. Whether you are wanting to apply the branding in digital or print form these principles will inform the representation of the branding.


The York St John University crest has been an important symbol of the University’s identity and heritage for over 60 years. The crest connects us with the city of York and the county of Yorkshire. It includes our Latin motto, which translates as ‘that they should have life and have it more abundantly’. The crest is not designed to be a modern logo and it should not be used as such. As a standalone design it does not include the University’s name. Therefore it only should be used for specific activities where the association to the University is clear. This includes its usage on sports team kits and as part of the graduation ceremonies. The crest is the preserve of the University’s Vice Chancellor’s Office and any other application of the crest should be with the Vice Chancellor’s approval.