Formatting for accessibility

Dashes and hyphens

Avoid using dashes and hyphens where possible.

In ranges use 'to' rather than a dash. 

Words with hyphens in take longer to scan and can slow readers down. Words with hypens in can also be mispronounced by screen readers.

Make sure your hyphen use is up to date. Modern usage tends towards removing hyphens from words, either by combining the words (as in 'email') or separating them (as in 'full time'.)

If you do use hyphens or dashes, make sure you are consistent. See the Usage A to Z for more guidance.


For example:

✘ Usually - you can re-write a sentence to remove the hyphen.

✔ You can usually rewrite a sentence to remove the hyphen

You can read more about dashes and hyphens on the Readability Guidelines.