Formatting for accessibility


Present times using colons between the hours and minutes.

Use the 12 hour clock.

Use 'am' and 'pm'.

In time ranges use 'to' rather than a dash.

Refer to 'midnight' and 'midday', not '12:00' or '00:00'.

For durations use numerals. Describe durations by the largest unit of time possible, followed by any remaining smaller units (for example, hours followed by minutes.)

If a time immediately follows a date include some text (such as 'at' or 'from') between the date and time. Using a comma to separate dates and times, or not using anything, can cause information to be misread by screen readers.

For example:

✔ 5:00pm

✔ 9:00am to 5:30pm

✔ The presentation will last around 1 hour and 30 minutes

✘ The presentation will last around 90 minutes

✔ 5 September at 10:30am

✘ 5 September, 10:30am