Inclusive writing



Avoid any terms which could be considered ableist.

We follow the social model of disability rather than the medical model. This means that it is society's treatment of the individual that renders them disabled and not their medical condition. For example, it is the lack of a ramped access which disables the wheelchair user.

Do not use terms such as 'crazy', 'mad', 'insane', 'stupid' or 'idiotic'.

Do not use descriptors such as 'walking distance'. This privileges the act of walking and suggests that people who cannot walk are abnormal.

For example:

✔ All accommodation is within 1.5 miles of the University.

✘ All accommodation is within 20 minutes walk of the University.

Find out what we mean by the social and medical models of disability on the University of Leicester's AccessAbility Centre website.

Read a list of ableist terms you may not realise you are using (and alternatives you can use) on this blog by Autisitic Hoya.