How we like to apply our brand

This section of our guidelines shows how we present the York St John University brand, both in digital and print formats.

Social Media Icons

There are two design styles for our YSJ social media account icons. We have developed these styles to help unite the branding across all platforms.

Design Style 1

The first style is set for our three main corporate social media channels, as shown below. These are the only accounts that use our brand colours.

Design Style 2

The second style is for all other service accounts including YSJActive, YSJ Accommodation and YSJ International. These designs are simply YSJ and the service name underneath in white text on a black background or black text on a white background. If you would like to use a background image instead please contact us to discuss an alternative design.

YSJ Accommodation


YSJ International

Requesting your own icons

The Design team are happy to create any social media icons for University service or School accounts in the second style. Please email them, specifying the name you require below the YSJ letters: designers@yorksj.ac.uk