Our essential brand components

This section of the guidelines is a practical demonstration of the visual language which surrounds the York St John University brand. Whether you are wanting to apply the branding in digital or print form these principles will inform the representation of the branding.

Design Principles

These three principles influence everything we do. No matter the project, medium or platform, we turn to these principles first to help guide us in making the right creative decisions for our products and experiences.


What this means

The end product of our design process should be the creation of communications that are usable and accessible by everyone, reflecting the open and inclusive education we offer.

Things to consider

  • Are we prioritising accessibility?
  • Are we being straightforward, avoiding ambiguity and complexity?
  • Are we following accessibility standards and best practices?
  • Are we successfully reflecting the diversity of our audience?


What this means

Our design should address users wants and needs, not make them change their behaviours to fit around us. We test our messages and products to reflect the understanding of our audiences.

Things to consider

  • Does our communication meet a real user need?
  • Is it designed to communicate clearly in a way that meets the needs of our audience?
  • Has it been tested with real users amongst our core audience to ensure effectiveness?


What this means

Our communications should be clear, concise and transparent, conform to relevant legislation and avoid misleading or confusing our audiences. Simple, ethical, user-focused choices create better experiences for everyone.

Things to consider

  • Does the communication deliberately or inadvertently mislead the target audience?
  • Is it designed to respect the audience’s privacy or protect their data?
  • Is it designed in a way that is transparent and open to scrutiny?
  • Does it abide by all relevant legislation and/or regulations?
  • Could the design be modified to improve its social or environmental impact?