Formatting for accessibility


Avoid all unnecessary capitalisation.

Write titles, headings and subheadings in sentence case (this means capitalise as though you were writing a sentence).

Avoiding unnecessary capitalisation makes reading easier for people with visual impairments. The shapes of individual letters are harder to read when capitalised. Screen readers may read capitalised text letter by letter.

If you are unsure if a word should be capitalised or not, it probably means it does not need capitalising.

Do not capitalise 'undergraduate', 'postgraduate' or 'team' (for example use 'Marketing team' not 'Marketing Team'.)

For further clarification see the Usage A to Z section of this guide.


For example:

✔ Study an undergraduate degree at York St John University

✘ Study an Undergraduate degree at York St John University

✔ Information about fees and funding 

✘ Information about Fees and Funding

Find out more about capitalisation on Readability Guidelines.